Federated Forgejo


those are notable.

Also, Hey is a web3 social media that posts content to Arweave in addition to database storage it appears.

For example.. hey.xyz does something like this this… (but it is not a wiki)… its sort of a Twitter alternative on Web3 that appears to also write data to Arweave…

https://hey.xyz/posts/0x04ba3b-0x01-DA-a6df0869 (post example)
“Should Federated Forgejo also upload content to Arweave?
https://node1.irys.xyz/MpGjaFyojBpvJxxDdqUh3vh9B3pjxM1oIpIt97h7mBc (record on Arweave gateway, probably)

{“description”:”Should Federated Forgejo also upload content to Arweave? \nhttps://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/issues/3358″,”external_url”:”https://hey.xyz/u/michaelten”,”name”:”Post by @michaelten”,”animation_url”:”ipfs://bafkreiaoua5s4iyg4gkfjzl6mzgenw4qw7mwgxj7zf7ev7gga72o5d3lf4″,”$schema”:”https://json-schemas.lens.dev/publications/text-only/3.0.0.json”,”lens”:{“id”:”59d36ddb-fd4e-47cc-aa61-5fa3350203f4″,”appId”:”Hey”,”locale”:”en”,”mainContentFocus”:”TEXT_ONLY”,”content”:”Should Federated Forgejo also upload content to Arweave? \nhttps://codeberg.org/forgejo/forgejo/issues/3358″}}

https://github.com/heyxyz/hey hey.xyz source could potentially be adapted for this potential option for federated Forgejo instances. Perhaps it could be a plugin or extension, or at least be an option, in the federated Forgejo.

This could effectively create a way decentralize and permanently back up federated Forgejo repositories it seems… cheers.

notable related open source projects that might interact with federated Forgejo in this sort of way…


https://github.com/memberapp/server <– this tech could be used also, but Arweave is less expensive.

I guess my suggestion if nothing else would be for federated Forgejo to accept plugins or extensions – like MediaWiki and/or WordPress… This could allow a federated Forgejo node operator to opt into this sort of tech and it would be totally voluntary/agorist and optional. plugins/extension options could allow for quite a bit of extensions. Perhaps enabling/allowing plugins/extensions is already planed. (uncertain).

Awesome project – federated Forgejo.

Although, Forgejo may use Friendly Forge Format (F3) https://f3.forgefriends.org/ for federation.

interesting https://f3.forgefriends.org/ . … perhaps …. the following makes Arweave for Forgejo sort of irrelevant.. unless one wants just an extra layer of redundancy.

“The software projects hosted on one forge are synchronized in real time with their counterparts on other forges, via the W3C ActivityPub protocol. Developers can freely use the forge of their choosing.”

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