[FEAT] Arweave Integration (along side federation)

Needs and benefits

In addition to being federated with ActivityPub, Forgejo may benefit from Arweave integration (at least to a certain extent).

Arweave could potentially be an option of a way to back up and mirror code.

Federation is great. However, I have heard of federated instances going down and then data potentially being lost.

Arweave integration could potentially prevent data loss.

Arweave is a blockchain that is intended to enable the perma-web.

Feature Description

There could be a way to back up Git repositories on Forgejo to the Arweave blockchain.

One could then clone versions of software on Arweave to their own local federated Forgejo. This could be a way of providing extra redundancy.

There could potentially be lists of Git repositories and versions saved to Arweave. One could then potentially search them and clone them to their own computer and/or federated Forgejo instances they are part of.

This could almost serve as a way of mirroring also.


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