Decentralizing Wikis with Arweave

Block chain and decentralizing wikis

  • Could blockchain be utilized to decentralize MediaWiki wikis?
    • Possibly related [[Decentralizing Wikipedia and its sister projects]]
      • Source code (related to Arweave blockchain) (that is sort of a Web3 Twitter clone) that also uploads data to Arweave to decentralize and permanently archive all content [ Hey]
        Perhaps such technology could be utilized to build a MediaWiki extension that can pull content and write content to Arweave blockchain, and hence, using MediaWiki to decentralize MediaWiki wikis using akin to the open source technology developed for project Hey.

        • Perhaps WordPress could be given the correct extension to effectively be compatible with MediaWiki markup.

fixed heading… and added info about open source code as it relates to decentralizing wikis by storing data on many servers in a permanent and permissionless way.

Arweave extension option?

If I were to write an open source MediaWiki plugin that could both pull and/or write Mediawiki pages to the Arweave blockchain as a way of permanently backing them up… (in additional to the default database on miraheze…

could such an extension theoretically be approved for use on a miraheze wiki (only wikis that elect to use such a plug)… for example on… ?

More context is as follows.

For example, does something like this this… (but it is not a wiki)… its sort of a Twitter alternative on Web3 that appears to also write data to Arweave… (post example)

“Miraheze is an awesome MediaWiki wiki system and nonprofit organization!” (record on arweave gateway, probably)

::<code>{“description”:”Miraheze is an awesome MediaWiki wiki system and nonprofit organization!”,”external_url”:””,”name”:”Post by @michaelten”,”animation_url”:”ipfs://bafkreiaoua5s4iyg4gkfjzl6mzgenw4qw7mwgxj7zf7ev7gga72o5d3lf4″,”$schema”:””,”lens”:{“id”:”fcfca2bc-d0b6-4c06-8951-4c3d07a8f19c”,”appId”:”Hey”,”locale”:”en”,”mainContentFocus”:”TEXT_ONLY”,”content”:”Miraheze is an awesome MediaWiki wiki system and nonprofit organization!”</code> source could I could potentially adapt for this potential mediawiki plugin….

This could effectively create a way decentralize and permanently back up MediaWiki wikis it seems…

if yes… what would the approval process be? where could i request it and such ?

please let me know if i can clarify anything…

thanks and limitless peace.

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