Bitcoin Cash, Monero, and Zano

Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash has low fees and CashScript. And Memo protocol, and Member client/server tech. https://github.com/tanitall/memo https://github.com/CashScript/cashscript https://github.com/memberapp/server Can Zano already do this or is Zano still in development in many ways? https://github.com/hyle-team/zano Monero is king perhaps, for privacy. Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash is perhaps another king… read more »

Federated Forgejo

https://github.com/ArweaveTeam/arweave https://github.com/ArweaveTeam/arweave/graphs/contributors those are notable. Also, Hey is a web3 social media that posts content to Arweave in addition to database storage it appears. For example.. hey.xyz does something like this this… (but it is not a wiki)… its sort of a Twitter alternative on Web3 that appears to also write data to Arweave… https://hey.xyz/posts/0x04ba3b-0x01-DA-a6df0869… read more »

[FEAT] Arweave Integration (along side federation)

Needs and benefits In addition to being federated with ActivityPub, Forgejo may benefit from Arweave integration (at least to a certain extent). Arweave could potentially be an option of a way to back up and mirror code. Federation is great. However, I have heard of federated instances going down and then data potentially being lost…. read more »

Decentralizing Wikis with Arweave

Block chain and decentralizing wikis Could blockchain be utilized to decentralize MediaWiki wikis? Possibly related [[Decentralizing Wikipedia and its sister projects]] Source code (related to Arweave blockchain) (that is sort of a Web3 Twitter clone) that also uploads data to Arweave to decentralize and permanently archive all content [https://github.com/heyxyz/hey Hey] Perhaps such technology could be… read more »

Arweave and WordPress: Innovations in Blockchain Content Publishing

In the digital age, blockchain technology has transcended its cryptocurrency origins, offering innovative solutions for content storage and publishing. Arweave, a novel blockchain network, presents a unique proposition: permanent, tamper-proof data storage. This article explores the possibility of integrating Arweave with WordPress, enabling users to publish content directly to the blockchain, ensuring its permanence and… read more »

Introducing DarkWiki: A New WordPress Theme for the Nephetiverse

DarkWiki: Bridging the Gap to Decentralization The following will discuss DarkWiki, a WordPress theme designed to simplify the transition for users entering the Nephetiverse—a decentralized and redundant facet of the surface internet. DarkWiki aims to make decentralized online experiences more accessible, encouraging a shift from traditional centralized platforms to a more open and secure internet… read more »

Principles of Management

Principles of management, foundational to both traditional and modern businesses, serve as the backbone for organizational success. These principles, rooted in early 20th-century thought but timeless in application, guide managers in decision-making, strategy formulation, and problem-solving. Among them, four stand out for their broad applicability and profound impact: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. Planning, the… read more »

Exploring Urban Innovation: Smart Cities and Sustainable Living

Introduction to Urban Innovation The evolution of urban planning is geared towards creating livable, sustainable, and technologically integrated environments. Smart cities utilize Internet of Things (IoT) devices to enhance infrastructure and public services, making urban life more efficient and connected. Green Spaces and Health Urban greenery, from rooftop gardens to extensive parks, plays a crucial… read more »

Exploring the Uncharted: Unanswered AI Questions in 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), 2024 has presented us with groundbreaking advancements and equally profound questions. As we navigate through the complexities of AI integration into society, several unanswered questions loom large, challenging our ethical, philosophical, and practical frameworks. Here are pivotal inquiries shaping our discourse on AI’s future role. The… read more »

Decentralizing Open Source: Automated Mirroring Across Networks

The decentralized ethos of Git offers an intriguing paradox in the digital age, standing as a bastion of distributed collaboration amidst the rise of centralized platforms. As open-source projects increasingly cluster on platforms like GitHub, concerns over their long-term accessibility and resilience against unilateral decisions by platform owners grow. Here, we explore the practicalities of… read more »