DarkWiki will be a wiki-like WordPress Theme.

DarkWiki WordPress theme is intended to help ease the on boarding process to those who wish to move into the Nephetiverse (decentralized, redundant, surface internet).

Hopefully Codeberg and/or Forgejo will become federated and decentralized.

Hopefully this will enable decentralized wikis.

WordPress has a significant advantage over, say, MediaWiki (which runs Wikipedia and the sister projects to Wikipedia).

WordPress has one-click updates. One could state that this is bad, and that complexity is better than simplicity.

It seems one could manually upgrade WordPress.

However, there are about 8 billion humans on this Earth.

Maybe about 2 billions humans utilize Facebook. Maybe about a billion utilize Instagram. Maybe 600 million utilize Twitter. Maybe 1.7 billion utilize TikTok. Maybe about 375 million utilize Reddit.

PixelFed is a federated, more decentralized version of Instagram.

Arweave can perhaps enable decentralized wikis.

Codeberg and/or Forgejo can perhaps enable a decentralized Github alternative. The fact that Microsoft owns Github seems to be both ironic and a potentially serious problem for massive open source development ecosystems.

Mastodon is sort of a decentralized alternative to Twitter.

Lemmy is sort of a decentralized alternative to Lemmy.

It seems it will be ideal if Lemmy instance hosts can automatically back up content to Arweave or another similar systems.

Lemmy being Federated and somewhat decentralized, is to my knowledge, still potentially subject to dataloss, if for instance, someone is running a Lemmy instance shuts down that Lemmy Instance.

Hive/PeakD are decentralizing some social media.

More to come, about DarkWiki, WordPress theme.