Academic exploration of books

This is an idea for an academic related book, or perhaps more likely a resource that will explore books as tools for teaching, learning, education, and disseminating research. This may be moved to draft namespace later. This may be about writing books and the value of books, and how books can be shown in various format. This may be about what a book is and what a book is not. This may be a learning resource about books, and an overview of books, and the history of books. This may be a meta exploration of books. For now this will be here, but as noted, I may move it to a draft namespace later.

The history of books is fascinating. This history involves the history of paper and the history of ink. This history of books also involves the history of the printing press. Books can be about an infinite number of topics potentially. Books have changed history. Spiritual texts are books. Textbooks are a type of book. Many colleges and universities utilize books. Many high schools utilize books.

Popular books include books about theology, economics, politics, exercise, engineering, and much more. Books about chemistry and physic exist. Many books exist. Some books are written using a pen name. Some books are thousands of years old. Electronic books now exist.

Some discussion questions are as follows. How have books changed history? How do books change the cognitions of humans? How do books influence behavior? Are books a form of rhetoric? Are some books more ethical than other books? What determines how ethical the ideas in a book are? Can the ideas in books contain ethical dynamics that are both objective and relative?